Transport in Switzerland

Transport in Switzerland

Switzerland is known to have one of the most effective transport system and whether it is the road, rail or air transport along with the ferry services in lakes and rivers the country has proved to give the best in terms of transport in Switzerland. The Swiss road network is funded through toll system and it has road tolls and vehicle taxes. The air transport is the same as the Zurich airport handles most of the passenger and it has largest international flight gateway which has a record number of passengers which was 24.9 million in 2013 and growing since then with many flights having a stopover at Zurich International Airport due to great facilities.

The public transportation is one of the highest in Europe and the Switzerland has maintained it's transportation in the best possible ways in terms of air, land and water citing the best form of public transport system. The Flying around or reaching by air is the most convenient way for international tourists to Switzerland. The transport in Switzerland through air is by Lufthansa and Star Alliance Group along with Swiss national airline which has the main hub in Zurich. The Geneva and Basel are two other international airport although people with super luxurious lifestyle prefer to go for their own chartered services and the major North American airline offer direct flights to Zurich and few others to Geneva.

The other convenient way of transport in Switzerland is through renting of cars. The road system is better or one of the best and that's why plying through cars is easy in every cantons and it's village. Also, the beauty of the Swiss Alps could be enjoyed through meadows and the valley which have water flowing through it. So, one could easily hire a car at affordable rates and thus can move around although an automatic cost a bit higher. In this way, the other common way of transport in Switzerland is through the bus services which are more efficient and also comfortable as the AC bus are comfortable with amenities like toilette and coffee/tea is easily available. The buses are necessary to reach the long distance or small distances as well and have wide windows but most of them operate night tours which gives great comfort.

The Motorcycle and bike rentals are also another convenient way as a transport in Switzerland and also the movie which are shot most of the time in Switzerland could be seen by the crew to take help of bicycle. The Funiculars and cable car are the easy way to reach the mountainous regions and children take it help to reach their school along with goods and services are also transported by them and popular key resorts which are far off could be reached by them.

Although, the best form of transport in Switzerland is rail system and it is economical along with popular in locals and tourists and connects with all parts of Switzerland and at the same time international routes as well. The two most scenic train routes are traversed through Glacier Express and Bernina Express which cross through mountains and rugged landscapes towards Alps.

Thus, there is no dearth of transportation in Switzerland and also with well connected lakes and canals along with rivers people also prefer to go for ferry and boat rides which helps them to reach their daily destination and reminds of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn stories of childhood.