Train transport in Switzerland

The Train Transport in Switzerland is certainly a fun-filled and adventurous as much of the service is to help people reach the Alps and notably places like Jungfraujoch. The Switzerland is a member of the International Union of Railways(UIC) and the country code is 85. The Switzerland is not only the world's most dense railway network but also known for reaching small countries and city-states despite the Alps which is known to cover 60% of the surface. The Switzerland is known to be ranked among first national European rail systems in the 2017 European Railway Performance Index through it's quality of service, intensity of use and passenger traffic with good rating of safety.

The rail network in Switzerland is well organized and convenient while taking you with ease almost everywhere. The travelling for business or pleasure it is known to help you be on time and is known to be the most important part of European Railway System. The Swiss Federal Railways which is known as SBB in German, CFF in French and also FFS in Italian offers various options such as a 1st Class Travel and the other being 2nd Class Travel. City tickets are offered for the city limits and include a one-day travel pass for the buses or trams reaching at the destination and constitute to be a better part of train transport in Switzerland.

Some of the most remarkable railway lines for the train transport in Switzerland are with different names for the easy way to locate. They are:

1. The Glacier Express: The Glacier Express takes through an 8-Hour trip through the Central Swiss Alps and run between Davos / St. Moriz along with Zermatt. The train has special wagons which has curved windows on roof and the supplement required with views in all the directions.

2. The Bernina Express ply between Davos/ Chur and Tirano in Italy via Pontresina / St. Moritz which reaches Bernina pass. The highest rail transversal is found in Alps and takes to the scenic places at high mountain. The train transport in Switzerland has same type of special wagons with scenic views all around.

3. The Pre-Alpine Express which runs between St. Gallen / Lake Constance and Lucerne which is through the rolling hills of the Appenzellerland which takes down to Rapperswil and while crosses the first towards Eastern part of the Lake Zurich. The Lovely moor of Rothenturm which is close to Einsiedein and down again to Arth-Goldau whil getting down at bottom of Rigi. The train traverse through entire mountain area and moves further to Lucerne along the Lakes of Zug and Lucerne for the train transport in Switzerland.

4. The Zungfrau Railway which is from Interlaken towards the Jungfraujoch station can be reached within two hours and is considered as the most impressive journey in the Alps.

5. Similarly, there are other railways such as The Gomergrat Railway, The Mount Rigi Railway, The Mount Pilatus Railway. The Brienz Rothorn Steam Cogwheel Railway and The Lotschberger along with the St. Gotthard line which are considered as the most important aspect of the Train transport in Switzerland.

Also, for those who take the route there are Swiss Pass which launched in Summer 2015, and the travel is on one single, chip-equipped plastic card along with half-fare card. The GA Card which is also known to serve the general public and Day Passes or the Track 7 or the Seven25 Card. The other tickets are Single-Fare tickets, Multiple Trip Cards and it has choice of one, two or three year validity which can be purchased online or at railway stations.