Swiss Cheeses Switzerland Food

About Swiss Cheese Food: The Swiss Cheese Food is made by the Swiss Cheese which is the main ingredient and it originated in the area around Emmental, in Switzerland.All it can be said that the Swiss Cheese has also got the distinction appearance as the block of the cheese has got holes in it which is known to be the "eyes". The Swiss cheese without the eyes is also known to be "blind". The special kind of bacteria used in the production of Emmental cheese and in the late stage of cheese production the lactic acid is excreted by other bacteria and it also release acetate,carbon dioxide gas and propionic acid.

The Swiss Cheese food also known as American Swiss Cheese has two varieties which are called Baby Swiss and Lacy Swiss. Both are known to have small holes along with mild flavor and the Baby Swiss is known to be made from whole milk while the Lacy Swiss is known to be made from low fat milk.Switzerland is a cheese hub known since the middle ages and like many other European countries it is known to be aggressive about it's culinary reputation. It has sometimes created hindrance with the brand value of Swiss cheese food but the country has been able to save it's legacy and supremacy in Cheese food production.

The base of all the cheese in Switzerland are known to be traditional AOP Cheeses,either hard, soft or semi-hard and some of the dairies still produce AOP Cheese and a new creation are labeled under different brands which are further commercially sold by different names.

Since,a Fondue is the best of the Swiss Sweetmeat so Swiss Cheese fondue has been a part of the Swiss cheese food and further has become a savoury liked by many.

So, here is the recipe for Swiss Cheese food which is a fondue:


. 1 to 1.1/4 cup of dry white wine

. 1/2 pound Swiss (Emmenthal) Cheese, shredded

. 1/2 pound Gruyere Cheese, shredded

. 4 teaspoons Cornstarch

. 1 teaspoon dry mustard

. 2 Tablespoon Kirsch(Optional)

. Fresh-ground nutmeg and pepper

. 1 Baguette (1/2 lb) which is cut into 3/4 inch cubes

How to make Swiss Cheese Fondue:

. Step 1: In a 1.1/2 to 2-Quart fondue pan(Flame proof ceramic or porcelain glazed cast iron) or heavy bottom metal pan over the medium heat. Then, warm 1 cup wine until the bubbles form and then slowly rise to surface for about 6 minutes.

. Step 2: Put mix Swiss cheese,Gruyere cheese,Cornstarch and mustard in a bowl and mix it properly.

. Step 3: Add cheese mixture a handful at a time to hot wine and then stir until the fondue gets smoothly melted and it begins to bubble.Add the kirsch and sprinkle the fondue with nutmeg and pepper.

. Step 4: Set the pan over the ignited alcohol or canned solid-fuel flame. Adjust the heat so that the fondue bubbles very slowly. Also, check occasionally to find if the fondue is not scorching. If it gets too hot,then reduce or turn off the heat while resume heating the mixture till it begins to cool.

. Step 5: Spear the bread cubes,1 at a time, with fondue forks or the thin Skewers(metal or wood) and Swirl through fondue. Stir through by adding more heated wine by a few tablespoons.After, the fondue gets consumed, scrape the cheese crust from the pan to divide and then eat which is considered a special treat.

Swiss cheese food fondue is a fun food and unique appetizer which is perfect as the recipe for any party esp. a party hosted for friends. The fondue recipe features Swiss and Gruyere cheese which is served with baguette cubes.