Rosti Switzerland Food

About The Rosti Food: The Rosti Swiss Food is the Swiss Dish which contains mainly of the potatoes and also with the style of a fritter.The breakfast dish which is commonly eaten by people all over Switzerland and is also found around the world.The French name of the Rosti is Rostis Bernois and it makes direct reference with origins of the dish and is considered a national dish by many people. It is also considered as a complete breakfast and is commonly served and accompanied also with other dishes which is found to be known as Spinat Und Spiegelei and found to be known as Cervelas or Fleischkase.

The Rosti Swiss Food is commonly available in almost all restaurants which is a replacement for the standard side dish of a given meal and the alternative name is Potato Pancakes.The Rosti dishes are made with coarsely grated potato either cooked or found to be raw.The Rosti Swiss food has potatoes which are either parboiled or grated raw which also depends on the frying technique with oil or butter along with another fat which may be added with also common fry as the grated potato without additional fats.The Rosti consists of nothing but also the number of additional ingredients which is sometimes added with bacon, onion, apple or also fresh herbs along with cheese.

How to make a Rosti:

The Rosti can be made into complete meal with adding onion, nutty Alpine cheese and also bacon while adding Alpine cheese to make some firm good rosti.


. 2-medium-sized waxy potatoes.

. 1 Tbsp butter

. 1 Tbsp goose fat


1. Parboil the potatoes in the salted water while it gets tender but does not become soft.The potatoes are kept for chilling atleast a couple of hours.

2. The potatoes are coarsely grated and seasoned.The potatoes are then heated in a small or heavy based frying pan until it gets sizzled while the grated potato is allowed to cook for a couple of minutes.The potatoes are further shaped into flat cake while pressing it down as lightly as possible. It is further allowed to cook for a couple of minutes while gently shaking the pan while also loosing the potato.

3. Continue cooking for about 10 minutes until it becomes golden and crisp while placing the plate on the top of the pan and then invert it while the cake sits.It is also cooked while keeping the side-up and further placed on a plate.

4. Further rest of the butter is added with goose fat to the pan and once it gets hot then slide the potato cake back into the pan.Further it is cooked for another 10 minutes and then served.

The Rosti Swiss Food can be described as a cross between harsh browns along with potato pancake.The popular food is known to be the most common dish throughout Switzerland and is enjoyed as the breakfast food.The food is further cut into wedges and then served with sausages along with meats and cheeses.The versatile dish can be topped with an egg and then served with salad which can also be considered for brunch or the light dinner while having steak or the red meat which completes the food and satisfies just like a main course.