Mountain Biking Activity in Switzerland

The mountain biking in Switzerland is done by the biking enthusiasts who love to explore the territory which is new and is surrounded by lakes and mountains.Every day a person can find a new trail as the nature has given it's pristine all over the Alps which have not only the meadows but also the snow covered mountains are also a part of the mountain biking adventures. The few places which are already associated with mountain biking are as under:

1. Trient: The mountain biking at Trient is having a landscape with unspoiled beauty and it is the municipality with home to be a part of the Alps. The mountain biking in Switzerland is done all over the Italian city Trento which is just a neighbourhood of Switzerland and it starts with a low difficulty rating which assures the person to enjoy the breathtaking views of the Alps and takes away much of the breath because of the trails it has all along.

2. Val de Bagnes: The mountain biking in Switzerland is done at Val De Bagnes and is hidden from most of the outside world. The secluded natural reserve offers a new level of remoteness to the next kind of mountain biking expedition. The mountains have the base in the largest municipality of Switzerland and with Val De Bagnes which gives the view of everything from the lakes glaciers along with rock gardens and wildlife it thus is known for the great trails for mountain biking.

3. Saint-Luc: The Saint-Luc which is known for the Swiss mountainside ski resorts and has the sunny slopes which are although unbearable in winter due to extreme cold still has mountain bike lovers as they come all the way from different countries for mountain biking in Switzerland. The mountains range from 1,340 to 3,000 meters in height where one could expect nothing less than the drops and jumps which gives the best of the mountain biking trip.

4. Crans-Montana: The Crans-Montana is also a way to adjoin the resorts which has a tower that staggers at an altitude of 1500 meters. The best of the season to get the thrill of mountain biking in Switzerland which has 177 marked mountain with biking, cross-country and also the enduro routes making it a great place for the mountain biking in Switzerland.

5. Mont Blanc: The Mont Blanc which is also known as the White Mountain in the Alps is also one of the deadliest and rises almost 5,0000 meters above the sea-level. The Mont Blanc is shared between Switzerland,France and Italy along with the more challenging side with seven valleys, 400 summits and also over 70 glaciers. The Swiss are known to do biking all over the majestic trails and thus these places are known for great mountain biking in Switzerland which gives the mountain biking in all the three countries.

There are many other trails in Switzerland which are known for mountain biking in Switzerland giving the great way to enjoy biking tand few of such places are Swiss Rhone Valley, Zermatt, Verbier and Flims along with Lenzerheide thus giving the bikers best of the adrenaline rush which cannot be compared with trails in any other country or city.


Mountain Biking Locations in Switzerland


Location 1: Rue des Grottes, Geneve, Switzerland


Location 2: Fuhren, Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland


Location 3: Rue de Medran, Bagnes, Switzerland


Location 4: Burgstrasse, Thun, Switzerland


Location 5: Chemin du Diaro, Versegeres, Switzerland


Location 6: Via da l'Ospidal, Scuol, Switzerland


Location 7: La Place, Gilly, Switzerland


Location 8: Kelchweg, Zurich, Switzerland


Location 9: Rue de Medran, Chemin de la Barmete, Switzerland


Location 10: Route des Telepheriques, Lens, Switzerland


Location 11: Aabachstrasse, Zug, Switzerland


Location 12: Via dal Bagn, St. Moritz, Switzerland


Location 13: Grenchenstrasse, Biel, Switzerland


Location 14: Bahnhofpl, Zermatt, Switzerland


Location 15: Bahnhofstrasse, Davos, Switzerland


Location 16: Werdmuhlepl, Zurich, Switzerland


Location 17: Rue du, Rue du Champ-Blanchod, Plan-les-Ouates, Switzerland


Location 18: Schwende, Huttwil, Switzerland


Best Season to Enjoyment

Spring Season in Switzerland: March, April & May

Summer Season in Switzerland: June, July & August

Autumns Season in Switzerland: September & October