Lakeside Promenade Activity in Switzerland

Lakeside promenade are although not associated with every lake but wherever they are give a better view of the city or village and town. The lakeside promenade are a way to bring tourist influx and they give a view which cannot be matched with any other view point. The lakeside promenade in Switzerland is a an area which is used for walking making it the main street and giving opportunity to the people which has many hotels and resorts alongside to give people a way to enjoy with great evening and morning strolls.Also, the hotels here help to get buffet and many other ways to enjoy the lunch and dinner with special menu which is filled with great food along with coffee and tea making the stay enjoyable in all seasons.

Although, the Lake Geneva has the most beautiful lakeside promenade in Switzerland but the other one such as Lake Laussane and the Montreux flower promenade is the most visited one. The strolling around lakeside become fashionable in Switzerland during the 1800 A.D. and people started moving around the lower basin of Lake Zurich which was created with the largest continuous public park grounds at that time.Now, talking about the Lake Promenade it served a wide-ranging group of people who considered it as a recreation area and the people who love skating along with the beach lovers and jewelry sellers along with the street artists made the surrounding full of love and laughter making it a colorful scene during the visit.

The few "Lakeside promenade in Switzerland" which tells about the beauty of the lakes and how well they are maintained which attracts the tourists could be found with the details here:

Montreux Flower Promenade(Chemin Fleuri):The beautifully Montreux Flower Promenade is found to be winding it's way for at-least 10 Kms and along the Swiss Northwestern shoreline of the Lake Geneva from the Vevey to Villeneuve which makes the visit to Lakeside Promenade in Switzerland a delightful view. The alpine views along with neatly planted parks makes it full of exotic flowers and it gives the summer evenings which seems the whole of Montreaux gather around the promenade to get beautiful view.

How to reach Montreaux and what to do:

1. Take a day trip from Geneva to Montreux.

2. One can Capture the photos of picturesque Lake Geneva countryside.

3. See the Chateau De Chillon with an atmospheric castle on the Lake Geneva.

4. Also, there is free time to explore the Corsier Sur Vevey and Montreux.

Ouchy lakefront in Laussane Switzerland is another most visited lakeside promenade in Switzerland which has the vastness of the lake along with soothing greens of the attractive parks and the majestic aura of the stately buildings. The splendor all around with hotels and pubs makes it look shimmering even at nights and although it was a small fishing port once but now it has been developed into the most beautiful lakefront and can be reached by vertical M2 Metro.

Thus,one could understand that Lakes and the Alps are a part of the culture in Switzerland and they had made what Switzerland is today which is the famous tourist destination and visited by people from all over the world.


Lakeside Promenade in Switzerland


Location: Lake Lucerne, Switzerland


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Location: Lake Riffelsee, Switzerland


Best Season to Enjoyment

Spring Season in Switzerland: March, April & May

Summer Season in Switzerland: June, July & August

Autumns Season in Switzerland: September & October

Winter Season in Switzerland: November, December, January & Febrary