Immeuble Clarte Geneve Tour, Switzerland

About Immeuble clarte Geneva, Switzerland: Immeuble Clarte Geneva Switzerland is Commissioned by the Genoese Industrial Edmond Wanner was made by Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret between 1930 and 1932 in Geneva in Switzerland. The Wanner was one of the businessman who also ran a railway company and the products exhibited at the National Exhibition of Decorative Arts in city of Paris in 1925 and probably also find Le Corbusier at site of L'Esprit Nouveau Pavilion. The 1927 Wanner with some schemes would also have been charged with various projects and the concept of "immeubles-villas" where all the ideas prevailed with the hanging garden of the apartment.

How can Reach : Immeuble clarte is the part of the Geneva city of the Switzerland country. It is well connected with Zurich, Geneva, Basel and Lausanne cities by road.

"Geneve-Cornavin" is the nearest railway station which is just 1.9 KM far from "Immeuble clarte". Tourists can get here train to Zurich, Basel and Lausanne cities.

"Geneva Airport" is the nearest airport which is situated just 7.0 KM distance from "Immeuble clarte". Tourists can get here flights to domestic cities and foreign countries.

Nearest Major Airport : "Geneva Airport" is an busy international and domestic airport of the Switzerland country which is located just 7.0 KM distance from Immeuble clarte geneva. Tourists can get here domestic and international flights.

Bus Services: Buses services are available from "Geneva Airport" (7.0 KM) to Geneva city tour.

Taxi Services: Taxis services are available from "Geneva Airport" (7.0 KM) to Geneva city tour.

Nearest Train Station: Geneve-Cornavin (1.9 KM). Tourists can get here train to to Zurich, Basel and Lausanne cities.

Locations: Geneva, Switzerland

UNESCO World Heritage Site from : 2016

Summer Season : June to August

Winter Season : November to February

Total Area : 0.15 hactare

Opened Year: 1932

Numbers of Floors: 9

Architect Year: Le Corbusier, Pierre Jeanneret

Tourist Attractions: Condominium complex, Museum d'Histoire Naturelle, Russian Orthodox Church, Consulat general du Perou-Foreign consulate

Things to Do: Visit Condominium complex, Boating and fishing on La Rade Lake, walking

Geneva Weather Temperature:

Months Temp. Jan Feb March April May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
Average Low (℃) -1.3 -1.0 1.6 4.8 9.1 12.3 14.4 14.0 10.8 7.4 2.4 0.1
Average High (℃) 4.5 6.3 11.2 14.9 19.7 23.5 26.5 25.8 20.9 15.4 8.8 5.3

Nearest Accommodations: Hotel Sagitta, Calvy Hotel, Hotel Century, Hotel Diplomate, Residence Hoteliere St-James, Bela Esperance hotel, Hotel de la Cigogne, Hotel Metropole Geneve, Hotel Longemalle, Hotel les Hauts de Rive, Hotel Residence Cite-Verdaine.

Distances from Immeuble clarte Geneva:

Geneva City: 2.3 KM

Lausanne City: 64.2 KM

Zurich City: 277.6 KM

Basel City: 255.1 KM

Bern City: 158.3 KM

Winterthur City: 298.5 KM

Lucerne City: 265.6 KM

St. Gallen City: 360.9 KM