Freitag Shopping Activity in Switzerland

The Freitag shopping in Switzerland is a shopping for the shopper's bag along with the the bags which have come out of an idea which could give water-resistant and functional bags which are aesthetic and all according to the Europe's weather. The robust bag holds the creative work and is also inspired by the multicolored heavy traffic which could be seen moving in and out of the Zurich transit intersection with all hues and colors whether on the truck, cycle or car. The bags are made out of truck tarpaulins or the discarded bicycle with inner tubes and also the car seat belts which makes the bag useful as it can be termed as an innovation.

The Freitag shopping in Switzerland is a term which is about buying Freitag bags which was first made in the living room of the shared apartment.It could be said that it bought a major changes in the world of bag making. The making of bags and selling in every part of Europe along with spreading all the ways to ASIA become possible because of the efforts by the brothers Markus and Daniel Freitag who started making the bag out of products which were discarded but further they started recycling the goods by making bag out of them. The bike soon become a rage and Freitag become the unofficial outfitter of all the urban, bike-riding individualists. The products are available with 24 Freitag stores in Europe and all over the world with 400 re-sellers around the world.

The Freitag bags sold the first F13 Top Cat messenger bags which could be said about spawning a full range of over 80 models of different kinds and to fulfill the various needs. The bags with full carrying needs from smart-phone along with laptop sleeves with backpacks and to handbags with shoppers and travel bags. The Freitag shopping in Switzerland has become a norm and since 2009, it has become a tribute in the form of traditional art of bag-making which could be said with the selective one-offs made from the plain-colored vintage truck tarpaulins. The Freitag has been made at the home in the Noerd Industrial complex in Zurich-Oerlikoen since the year 2011.

The people who visit to Switzerland do not forget to buy a Freitag as it has not only become a way to get a bag which is durable but also rugged with compostable textiles that is based on the bast fibers. The minimum of resources within a 2500-Km and the completely recycle product with F-ABRIC philosophy and with think and also act in cycles. The commitment to the circular with the closed-loop economy and is also organized in circles as the Freitag shopping in Switzerland has become a compulsion and it has hierarchical structure and also replacing it with Holacracy and also a form of organization which is based on the self-management.

The two brothers who bought Freitag to us are known to less people but their work has given their introduction:

Daniel Freitag:The Daniel Freitag who studied Graphic design which is currently a maker of bags and he puts an entire focus as Creative Director who dominates with daily tasks.

Markus Freitag:The Markus Freitag who is the employer with the fount of ideas and employed since 1993 is one of the two Creative Directors who has pulled out the bags from almost everything.


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