Fondue Switzerland Food

About The Fondue Food: The Fondue is one of the Swiss food which is one of the melted cheese dish which is served in a communal plot and also over a portable stove which is heated with the candle or spirit lamp.The Fondue Swiss food is a national dish and is also with the Swiss Chinese Union in 1930’s and got popularized in North America during 1960’s.The fondue has been generalized with other dishes in which a food is dipped with a communal pot of liquid kept hot in the fondue pot.The piece of meat is also cooked in hot oil or broth and the fondue has become the most served dish in a communal hot pot dates in 1950’s New York which shows it’s popularity.

The Fondue Swiss food carries a fun communal aspect which is known to be a dish which is made for friends and the recipe is made for special occasions such as Christmas dinner or also on the New Year’s Eve.The term fondue can be said shockingly simple to prepare and can be considered as a special treat.The creamy, wonderful along with the best of the indulgence food is known as the best Fondie Swiss food.

How to make fondue Swiss food at home:

. But first we should know that the cheese fondue Swiss food is the rich food and is smooth and can be made easily at home.

. The steamed fondue Swiss Food is made with steamed red-skinned potato chunks which is either grilled or toasted.The Tuscan bread cubes making it as pear slices which is great for dipping and also with the melted cheese.

. The fondue Swiss food is also better known as appetizer which makes it a great Classic food since generations.

Here are 5 perfect Key to make perfect Classic Fondue Swiss Food:

1. It is really all about the cheese.

2. Fondue works with a good, dry white wine

3. Toss your thickener with grated cheese which makes sure that cheese is lightly dusted.

4. The cheese is put into little handfuls and it takes time as it is slowly stirred and one should make sure that it melts before adding next handful.


1. 1 garlic clove which is halved

2. 1 Pound Gruyere Cheese and grated

3. 1/2 Pound Emmentaler Cheese or any other Swiss cheese which is grated

4. 1 Cup dry white wine

5. 1 Tablespoon plus 1 teaspoon cornstarch

6. 1 Teaspoon fresh lemon juice

7. 1-1/2 tablespoons

8. Freshly ground pepper

9. Freshly grated nutmeg

How to make Classic Fondue Swiss Food:

The Classic Fondue Swiss Food is made with cheese fondue pot or the medium which has been enameled with cast-iron casserole along with the garlic clove.The Gruyere along with Emmentaler with wine and cornstarch with the lemon juice.The juice in the fondue pot with the cook over on a moderate heat.The classic fondue food is stir for 5 minutes while cooking and once the cheese begins to melt.The Kirsch along with generous pinch of pepper along with nutmeg and the fondue is stirred gently making it creamy and smooth for another 10 minutes.The fondue is not over-cooked as it becomes stringy. Once the Fondue Swiss food is made it is served who love the appetizers along with cheese dips or tomato dips.