Favarger Chocolate Factory, Shopping in Geneva, Switzerland

Auer Chocolatier Shopping Market in Geneva, Switzerland

The Favarger Chocolate factory shop in Geneva is known to be making chocolate since 1826. The location of factory is at Versoix,Canton of Geneva and Switzerland. The Favarger which is a chocolate factory was from a home factory business i.e. the small flourishing town is known because of the revitalizing of chocolate house and the company flagship boutique which is run at the original location and then pledged to preserve the Favarger’s historical links with Geneva and the traditional quality along with craftsmanship is all because of the assorted chocolates. The company has been established on the solid foundation of devotion and passion.

The house of Favarger also invested in the business and the arrival of Luka Radjic who is a Croatian entrepreneur with being a major shareholder and the investment which is for the revitalization of chocolate house also bought the company flagship boutiques back to the original location. The Favarger Chocolate Factory shops in Geneva with tradition of quality along with craftsmanship and the chocolate named as Favarger chocolates, pralines, ganaches and truffles get finalized and presented with most refined wrappings. The chocolates which are newly introduced are fondue in 2004 and 2005 is known for making another traditional recipes along with the partnership in the town hall of Versoix are known to give the chocolate lovers the chocolate festival which attracts thousands of chocolates and tourists every year in Spring.

The Favarger Chocolate factory shops in Geneva has the speciality in three form of chocolate which are known to be famous by these names:

1 Avelines: The Avelines got created back in 1922 and it has became one of the landmark in Favarger manufacture history which goes back to quickly become an iconic product. The name Avelines comes from Spanish Avelina and the delicious composition is celebrated through the noblest ingredients. The delicacy and elegance of chocolate is invited through the subtle crunchiness of the almonds which burst out of the almonds to express the taste of the chocolate which is earned.

2. Nougalines: The Nougalines chocolate bites which has become a part of the Favarger’s creations and in 1932 it has seen the boost of manufacture’s success and even more. The pure indulgence of delight and also one of the Favarger Manufacturers exclusive speciality along with harmonious combination of three textures which also invites experience involving intense pleasure. The ever so-creamy hazlenut along with almond and walnut praline paste has been delicately encased within two crunchy hazlenut and the walnut-flavoured nougatine shells with crunchiness and the creaminess that is made at “Favarger Chocolate factory shops in Geneva”.

3. Chocolate spreads and Fondue: The chocolate spreads and fondue which is a traditionally made chocolate spreads along with having a fun and original way to enjoying the Swiss chocolates. The healthy and delicious spread for both the children and adult alike while freeing it from palm oil and soy lecithin along with additives.

The various other chocolates made at Favarger Chocolate factory shops in Geneva which are enjoyed by many are bars, snacking / drinking chocolate and Ganaches and paralines which are enjoyed by many chocolate lovers throughout the world.

The Favarger Chocolate Factory Shops in Geneva was set up by Jacques Foulquier and his passion started a family business which finally set up in 1930’s. Further Luka Rajdic carried the business and the chocolate house saw the reinvention of Fondue along with other chocolates such as pralines, truffles and ganaches. The Swiss chocolate factory carried the tradition of quality and craftsmanship with assortments of “fresh” chocolates and the Christmas shopping along with the thousands of tourists who love to buy through the name which is Favarger Chocolate Factory Shops in Geneva and the sweet treasure which is hidden with red wrapping with sweet taste of Nougalines and Avelines is always asked and bought.


Open Hours:-

10.00 am to 6.00 pm : Tuesday to Saturday

Location:- Favarger Chocolate Factory, Zeneva City, Switzerland

Open Year:- 1826

Distances from Favarger Chocolate Factory, Geneva City:

Geneva City : 0.65 KM

Lausanne City : 63.1 KM

Bern City : 157.3 KM

Basel City : 254.1 KM

Zurich City : 276.5 KM

Winterthur City: 297.4 KM

St. Gallen City: 359.8 KM