De Balexert Shopping Mall in Geneva, Switzerland

De Balexert Shopping Mall in Geneva, Switzerland

The Balexert Shopping Mall in Geneva is the shopping center which is located in Vernier at Canton of Geneva, Switzerland.The name from the Balexert district is located from the castle of Bel-Essert.It is located at current location of Balexert stop of Geneva public transport.The castle got destroyed in 1958 and runs alongside the shopping center with more than 110 shops and the 13 Pathe Cinemas spread in more than 50,000 square meters.The making of the "Centre Commercial De Balexert Shopping Mall in Geneva,Switzerland" and is even found to be one of the leading shopping center along with having the highest number of footfalls which is approximately 6.5 million customers per year.

The title Balexert is given to the tram station and the project got inaugurated in 1971 and also enlarged in 1997 with shopping center which is 100% owned by Migros.The largest center which is said to be one of the leading shopping center and Balexert is a word extracted from Bel-Essert. The Balexert literally means "the beautiful cleared place" and is known as "Center Commercial De Balexert Shopping Mall in Geneva".The renovation which is taking place between 2019 to 2021, and the Globus store is found within left shopping center,and allows the ready-to-wear brand Zara, which takes some of the space.

A bowling alley has also been set up within the place of the "Ecole Club Migros" and offers 16 lanes, with games room which includes a billiards room and also the large electronic games area. The "Centre Commercial De Balexert Shopping Mall in Geneva" has a terrace restaurant and bar which is also available with the real leisure center and the bowling alley by the name "The Bowling Blaexert" and is also open 7 days a week.

The few of the goods and retail which is sold at Centre Commercial De Balexert Shopping Mall in Geneva and even with its small size, the Geneva as a city is known to rival along with London and Paris as major shopping destinations in Europe.The Geneva specializes with finer things in life, and although they are not cheap and the selection which staggers and makes it a world class window shopping mall where the Swiss manufactured goods are found:

1. Watches:The Geneva's watch industry also dates back to mid 1600's and the Geneva also remains within the world leader and many of the top brand watchmakers which is located right in the city. The including of Patek Phillipe, Frank Muller.Omega and Piaget which is just some of the names and here one cannot find any discount but the quality remains which is just about the Swiss watches.

2. Chocolate: The Switzerland is also known to be a lover's paradise which can be termed as the only skip off towards the local grocery store and finding out the delectable assortments of Swiss morsels.

3. Cosmetics: The small but cozy shop which sells hand made cosmetics that is mostly for the baths and the sweet smell which spreads across the "Rue De Marche".

The other goods which can be found in this "Centre Commercial De Balexert Shopping Mall in Geneva" which are fashion clothing, tobacco, leather goods along with antiques and art.The Bikes along a shop with fancy,along with ultra modern foldable bicycles along with cargo bikes.The popular healthy shop and also includes the all kinds of bio products and the farmers which produce fresh fruits and the veggies.The dried fruits and the nuts, milk, cheese, bread and it also has gourmet grocery store along with the ground floor which can also be said to complete with wine cellar.

The Centre Commercial De Balexert Shopping Mall in Geneva is found in very large area and is still expanding after renovation. The many familiar brands are associated with the mall and food outlets and cinemas have got their names synonymous with this mall. The very large shopping mall is known to be close to the airport which gives the convenience to many shoppers who get down at the city and malls near airports are known to be having a positive experience as convenience is the key when it comes to shopping. The Centre Commercial De Balexert Shopping Mall in Geneva has many food options making it a place for food lover’s who look for something new and authentic in terms of eating.


Open Hours:-

9.00 am to 9.00 pm : Monday to Sunday

Location:- Balexert, Geneva City, Switzerland

Open Year:- 1971

Distances from Balexert Shopping Market, Geneva City:

Geneva City : 4.2 KM

Lausanne City : 62.8 KM

Bern City : 157.0 KM

Basel City : 253.8 KM

Zurich City : 276.3 KM

Winterthur City: 297.2 KM

St. Gallen City: 359.6 KM