Wald Municipality Tour Guide, Distance, Attractions & Weather Temperature Switzerland

Posted by: Admin; Date: 24-June-2024

About  Wald Municipality destination: Wald is a Municipality which is a part of the Bern-Mittelland District in Switzerland country. Wald Municipality is a nice place to explore local Swiss people culture, social and modern life. It is a good destination to spend time where also has green land and snow capped mountains which make Municipality more nature beautiful.

Distance from Wald Municipality: Wald Village / Municipality is very good connected to other Switzerland regional places via air, train and road transport.

  • Wald Village / Municipality is just 14.3 KM distance from Bern city.
  • Wald Village / Municipality is just 28.4 KM distance from Steffisburg Town.
  • Wald Village / Municipality is just 38.5 KM distance from Fribourg city.
  • Wald Village / Municipality is just 37.6 KM distance from Burgdorf city.
  • Wald Village / Municipality is just 113.6 KM distance from Basel city.
  • Wald Village / Municipality is just 124.3 KM distance from Lucerne city.
  • Wald Village / Municipality is just 136.9 KM distance from Zurich city.
  • Wald Village / Municipality is just 219.3 KM distance from St Gallen city.

Switzerland Tour: It is a well idea to Switzerland travel which is placed in Europe region. It is a popular tourist place in Europe which is all over world famous to honeymoon destination where come lots of couple to spend time and enjoy honeymoon. Switzerland is a landlocked country which around has many other country land border such as Italy country in southern, Australia country in Eastern, Germany country in northern and France country in western.

Summer and winter both seasons are well to spend time in Switzerland which is a cool weather temperature country. Here also snow fall in winter season where come people to enjoy different types of the snow sports activities such as Skiing adventure, Ice skating, Sledding, Snowboarding, Snowmobiling, Snow Team sports, Cold-weather biking, Ice boating and other activities. New Zealand tour trip booking, Japan tour trip and Switzerland tour trip booking.

Wald municipality Weather Temperature

Months Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Average Low (℃) -3.6 -3.1 0.2 3.0 7.4 10.5 12.5 12.3 8.9 5.4 0.4 -2.3
Average High (℃) 2.8 4.7 9.5 13.4 18.2 21.6 24.3 23.7 19.1 13.8 7.3 3.5

How can come to Wald Municipality: It is very well connected to Bern city via road transport. Bern city is just 14 KM distance from Wald Municipality via road transport. People can come to Bern city from other European countries and Swiss regional places via air, road and train transport. Other countries people can come to city via air transport where has a busy international airport.

Air Transport: Bern city has a busy international airport where people can get air flights to other Swiss regional places and international countries.

Train Transport: Bern city has an international railway station where people can get trains to other Swiss regional places and European countries also.

Road Transport: Switzerland national highway - 6 and Switzerland national highway - 12 connected Wald municipality via road transport to other Swiss regional places.

Wald Municipality tourists attractions: Wald Village / Municipality also has some places to visit which some are RAIFFEISEN Arena Gurbetal - Sports complex, Camping Burgistein, Skilifte Ruschegg Eywald AG - Ski resort, Swiss Bike Park Oberried - Sports complex, MAGNET Trainingszentrum fur Sportkletterer Sigrist GmbH - Rock climbing gym, Gurten - Mountain peak, Liebefeld Park, Muhle Hunziken - Live music venue, Uecht Observatory, Auguetbrucke - Bridge, Universitatssternwarte Zimmerwald - Observatory, Dorfladen - Grocery store etc.

Wald Municipality famous Restaurants & accommodations: Wald Village / Municipality has some hotels to stay days and nights while main hotels are located in Bern city which is only 14 KM distance. Near of the Wald Village / Municipality some famous restaurants are Ofenhausstockli - Ferien im Baudenkmal - Holiday home, Bauernhof Streit - Serviced accommodation, Remi Wald GmbH - Restaurant, L'Osteria Ristorante Pizzeria - Pizza restaurant, Hine Adon Bern Airport, Landgasthof zur Linde, Pfadiheim Einschlag - Lodging etc.