St Gallen City Tours Guide, Distance, Attractions & Weather Destination

Posted : 27-June-2020

About St Gallen Town: St Gallen is located in north eastern of the Switzerland country. It is a beautiful town of the Switzerland where tourists come from all over world. Here has beautiful lakes, snow caped mountains, grass lands and many more tourist places. Here has many indoor and outdoor swimming pools, theme parks and other recreation places.

How can Reach St Gallen: It is just 87 KM distance from Zurich city and Geneva city is just 360 KM distance. Zurich International airport is exact 85 KM far from St Gallen town.

Distances from St Gallen City:-

  • St Gallen City is just 146.0 KM distance from Lucerne city.
  • St Gallen City is just 205.0 KM distance from Bern city.
  • St Gallen City is just 128.0 KM distance from Zug Town.
  • St Gallen City is just 86.8 KM distance from Zurich city.
  • St Gallen City is just 62.2 KM distance from Winterthur city.
  • St Gallen City is just 171.0 KM distance from Basel city.
  • St Gallen City is just 307.0 KM distance from Lausanne City.
  • St Gallen City is just 360.0 KM distance from Geneva City.

Road Transport: to reach St Gallen road transport is also a good option to come from European major cities and Switzerland domestic cities.

Train Transport: Train services is available between St. Gallen to other major cities of the Switzerland country along with European countries. Tourists also can via train from Viena, Berlin, Milan, Rome, Paris, London to St. Gallen.

Flights Transport: St. Gallen town also has Altenrhein domestic airport which connect city to other parts of the country while St. Gallen nearest major airport is Zurich International airport which is just 85 KM distance.

St Gallen City Weather Temperature

Months Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Average Low (℃) -3.0 -2.5 0.6 3.5 7.8 11.0 13.1 13.0 9.7 6.2 1.0 -1.9
Average High (℃) 2.5 3.3 7.3 11.5 16.3 19.2 21.6 20.9 16.8 12.3 6.5 3.5

Things to do in St Gallen: Tourists can enjoy vacation in St Gallen where has several option to enjoy different things to do such as Watch Museums, Enjoy Picnic on parks, watch Animal park, Enjoy swimming on Hallenbad Blumenwies Indoor swimming pool, Hiking, Swimming on Freibad Sonnenberg Outdoor swimming pool, Prayer on Abbey Cathedral, Boating on Obersee Lake etc.

Tourists attraction in St Gallen: Tourists can visit lots of tourist attractions in St Gallen which includes Drei Weieren State park, Museum in the Warehouse, SEIFENMUSEUM Museum, Natural History Museum St. Gallen, Wildlife Park Peter and Paul Animal park, Textil Museum St. Gallen, University of St. Gallen, Serbisch Orthodoxe Kirche, Ostfriedhof, Tennispark Falkensteig, Athletik Zentrum St.Gallen Sports complex, St. Gallen museum of art, Casino St. Gallen, Freudenberg Scenic spot, Roter Platz, KUGL Kultur am Gleis Event venue, Curling Center Curling hall, Friedhof Feldli, Blumen Tschopp AG Garden, update Fitness center, Santispark Rutschenwelt Water park, Sitterwerk Art center, Sportanlage Grundenmoos Sports complex, Walter Zoo, Motorrad museum, Abbey Cathedral of St Gall, Library of St. Gallen, Freibad Gossau Outdoor swimming pool, Hallenbad Rosenau Indoor swimming pool, Freibad Sonnenberg, Obersee Lake etc. Switzerland Trip Vacation is a well idea to enjoy tour in Switzerland country to visit its St Gallen city.

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