Kerala Backwater Tour on Boating House Trip Enjoyment

Posted: by Admin; Date: 2-Oct-2020

The Kerela which is the state at the far south and known for it’s enchanting ayurvedic treatment in the spa and also the various places of tourist interest which includes houseboat at Kerala backwater tour. The state is known for the beaches, forts and palaces, hills, monuments, museums and museums along with picnic spots. The Kerela can be said to be an endless destination for the various tours and can be found in every youth who loves the various offbeat destination including Kerela backwater tours.

First of all start with the Kerela backwater tour and with the scenic backwaters of Kerela which comprise of stretches along with lakes, canals and lagoons that connect the coast with the Arabian sea and much deeper into the various villages and small towns of Kerela. The backwater regions of Kerela can be found in Alapuzzha and also known as the Venice of the east along with the houseboat cruises whicha re known for serving the Kerela cuisine.

Allapuzha Kochi tour: This particular cruise which has become the prominent tourist attractions one can hire a houseboat form Alapuzzha and one could fiind the rustic and scenic villages all along. The evergreen surroundings which ahs gentle palm trees swaying with abundance in fish and with simply surrounding and certainly captivate you to the “T”.

Alamkudavu in Kollam: the Alumkaduvu in Kollam greets with the best Kerela backwater tour and is cherished with the fragrance of spices and fish. The village is famous for construction of houseboats and also with the laid back and charm that shows exuberance of its own. The Kerela backwater tour has become famous and is visited by most of the people with the thought of rejuvenating and people find this village to be enchanting.

Ashtamudi lake in Kollam: TheAashtamudi lake in Kollam 8 arms or channels of the Ashtamundi lake and the people come here for the Kerela backwater tour. The Kollam to Allapuzha is known for the houseboat rides that are extremely famous and enchanting. The cruises here gives a deeper look at heart and with lush greenery and exotic biodiversity will enchant you forever.

Kavvayyi Backwaters: The Kavvayi backwaters are known as the lesser known destination in Kerela. The Kavvayi is the result of five rivers and a collection of small islands with a natural gift and is considered among the most exotic location. The boat ride will explore to reach the various islands and one can also indulge in delicious seafood in the area. Goa tour travel, Mumbai tour holiday and Ooty tour destination.

Chandragiri fort: the Chandragiri fort is the another place which has been included in the Kerela backwater tour and lies at the confluence of the Payaswini river and the Arabian Sea. The 17th Century Fort was built by Sivappa Naik. The Kerela backwater tour includes the attractive Chandragiri cruise and the Chandragiri boat club which offers boat rides to the island camping and also the fisherman village. The Kizhur Shiva temple is also the star attraction here.

There are many other similar Kerrela Backwater tour and although one or few more could be enchanting in the similar way as there are many other options including beaches and wildlife along with exotic food which is the well known Kerela culture connecting to best seafood.