Hundwil Municipality Tour Guide, Distance, Attractions & Weather Switzerland Destination

Posted by: Admin; Date: 10-June-2024

About Hundwil Municipality destination: Hundwil is a famous tourist place which is located in Switzerland country. Hundwil is a popular municipality which is located near of the St Gallen city in Switzerland country. Hundwil is a good destination to spend time where has cool weather temperature and snow capped mountains.

Distance from Hundwil Municipality: Hundwil Municipality is very good connected to other Switzerland regional places via air, train and road transport.

  • Hundwil Municipality is just 11.1 KM distance from St Gallen city.
  • Hundwil Municipality is just 33.7 KM distance from Wil Town.
  • Hundwil Municipality is just 64.1 KM distance from Winterthur city.
  • Hundwil Municipality is just 50.3 KM distance from Frauenfeld city.
  • Hundwil Municipality is just 148.0 KM distance from Lucerne city.
  • Hundwil Municipality is just 365.2 KM distance from Geneva city.
  • Hundwil Municipality is just 206.8 KM distance from Bern city.
  • Hundwil Municipality is just 88.7 KM distance from Zurich city.

Switzerland Tour: It is a well plan to Switzerland country trip which is located in Europe region. Switzerland country neighbour countries are Austria in eastern, Germany country in Northern, France country in western and Italy country in southern and Liechtenstein is also a neighbour country. Switzerland is a popular tourist destination in which major cities are Zurich city, Bern city, Geneva city, Basel city, St. Gallen city and Lucerne city etc.

Lots of people come to Switzerland to spend summer vacation because where has a cool weather temperature in summer season also. Lots of people also come to Switzerland in winter season to enjoy snow sports and snow fall. The Swiss country has lots of snow capped mountains, deep forest, lakes, Rivers, meadows, agriculture lands and many more nature attractions. New Zealand holiday vacation booking, Japan holiday vacation and Switzerland holiday vacation booking.

Hundwil Municipality Weather Temperature

Months Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Average Low (℃) -3.0 -2.5 0.6 3.5 7.8 11.0 13.1 13.0 9.7 6.2 1.0 -1.9
Average High (℃) 2.5 3.3 7.3 11.5 16.3 19.2 21.6 20.9 16.8 12.3 6.5 3.5

How Reach to Hundwil Municipality: Its nearest major city is St Gallen which is just 11 KM distance from Hundwil Municipality. St Gallen city is very well connected to other Switzerland regional places via air, train and road transport. Other countries people can come to city via air transport which nearest international airport is situated in Zurich city.

Air Transport: St. Gallen–Altenrhein Airport is a nearest regional airport where passengers can get air transport to other Swiss regional places and Austria country some places.

Train Transport: St Gallen city has a busy railway station where passengers can get train transport services to other European countries and Swiss regional destinations.

Hundwil Municipality tourists attractions: Hundwil Municipality has several natural and man made places to visit which some are Hundwiler Hohi Mountain peak, Kronberg - Mountain peak, Gabris Mountain peak, Wilkethochi Mountain peak, Ratselweg - Hiking area, Wissbachschlucht - Wildlife refuge, Appenzeller Park - Recreation center, Sportgarage Leirer AG - Car Service Station, Holzbrucke (Alte Tobelbrucke) - Bridge, Moos 100 - Hiking area, Siphon Sitterstollen, Appenzeller Volkskunde-Museum Stein, Reformierte Kirche Church, Appezeller Frauestriichmusig - Musical Band and Orchestra etc.

Hundwil Municipality famous Restaurants & accommodations: Hundwil Municipality has some budget and luxury types hotels to stay. Its some popular nearest restaurants are Landgasthaus Rossli Restaurant, Hargarten die Esseria - Family restaurant, Bsonderig Swiss Restaurant, Rechberg Restaurant, Krone - Swiss restaurant, Ferienwohnung Blattner - Cottage, Ferienwohnung GAPF - Holiday apartment, Sonderbar Traumerei - Cottage etc.