Aathal Dinosaur Museum Zurich Switzerland Tour Destination

Posted by: Admin; Date: 8-April-2024

About Aathal Dinosaur Museum Zurich Destination: Aathal Dinosaur Museum is a famous tourist places near of the Zurich city in Switzerland country, Europe. The Aathal Dinosaur Museum was established in 1992 which is a nice destination to more know about Dinosaurs history.

  • Aathal Dinosaur Museum Location: Aathal, Zurich.
  • Aathal Dinosaur Museum Address: Zurichstrasse 69, 8607 Aathal, Switzerland.
  • Aathal Dinosaur Museum Established Year: 1992.
  • Aathal Dinosaur Museum Ticket Price (Entry Fee): PAID.
  • Aathal Dinosaur Museum Timings (Open Hours): 10.00 am to 5.00 pm.
  • Aathal Dinosaur Museum Closed Day: Monday

How can reach to Aathal Dinosaur Museum Zurich: It is placed near of the Zurich city of the Switzerland country, Europe. Zurich is a commercial city where foreign countries people can come via air transport where has a busy international airport. People can come to city from other European countries and Swiss regional places via air, train and road transport.

Train Transport: Zurich city has an international train station where people can get trains not only to other Swiss regional places but also to other European countries.

Flights Transport: Zurich city has the busiest international airport of the Switzerland country where passengers can get air flights to foreign countries and Swiss regional places.

Things to do around Aathal Dinosaur Museum Zurich: people can do many adventure and recreation types activities in Zurich Business city which some are watch human history types museums, human arts types museums and natural history types museums. Spend time at city theme amusement parks, city parks, water parks and animals zoo etc.

Tourists attraction around Aathal Dinosaur Museum Zurich: people can visit several modern and historical places in Zurich Business city which some are the following.

Attractions near Aathal Dinosaur Museum: Stella's Dino Land - Cafeteria, Dino-Beiz'li - Fusion restaurant, Siber + Siber - Rock shop, Home of Poker - Club, Franzosenloch Hohle, Aathal - Train station, Neue Spinnerei - Bar & grill, Hygge Home Riwar - Store, Waldschulhaus, Juckerfarm - Produce market, Hofladen Wagenburg - Natural goods store etc.

Other popular places in Zurich Business city: Early 20th Century Bunker - Historical landmark, International Boogie Nights - Festival, Aussichtspunkt Hirschacherweg - Scenic spot, Uster Castle, Sportcenter Blue Point Badmintonhalle Blue Shuttle, Sporthalle Buchholz - Sports complex, Hochistei, Naturzentrum Pfaffikersee - Museum etc. Switzerland travel trip is a good idea to Aathal Dinosaur Museum tour which is places in Zurich city of the Switzerland country, Europe. Switzerland travel trip and UK London travel trip booking.

UK London travel trip; Switzerland tour is a good idea to St Gallen city tour which is placed in Switzerland country in eastern location. St Gallen is a modern city which is placed in western of the Lake Constance. St Gallen is a well place to explore local Swiss regional places, social and culture activities. St Gallen city is very good connected to other European countries and Swiss regional places via air, train and road transport. Other countries people can come to city via air transport which nearest international airport is located in Zurich city.

People can visit several natural and man made places near of the St Gallen which some are city Natural History Museum, Säntispark Baderwelt - Water park, Walter Zoo, Golfpark Waldkirch - Golf course, Gabris - Mountain peak, Hundwiler Hohi - Mountain peak, Fünflanderblick - Observation deck, MoMo - Schweizer Mosterei- und Brennereimuseum, Saurer Museum, Sportanlage Kreuzbleiche - Sports complex, Historical and Folklore Museum - History museum, museum of art - Art museum, Mülenenschlucht, Linde auf dem Kapf, Freudenberg - Scenic spot, Sternwarte - Observatory, Valida. Das soziale Unternehmen - Club, Coop Supermarkt Bahnhof - Supermarket, City Travel Terminals, Textil museum, Abbey Library of Saint Gall, St. Laurenzen Church - Reformed church etc.