Bernina Express Ride Activity in Switzerland

Bernina Express Ride Trip Activity in Switzerland

Bernina Express is a train in Switzerland which runs direct from Chur, Switzerland to Tirano in Italy. The train line could be said about the most spectacular way where it cross the Alps and the main station to be found here are Chur, Landquart, Davos, St.Moritz along with Valposchiavo where the train is linked up with regions connecting different languages and cultures. The Bernina Express ride in Switzerland is not on a rack railway and the train line is between splendid scenery which has also the station at the highest railways across the Alps. The rail link is between Northern and Southern Europe builds with bridges between the regions with different cultures and languages.

The railway is said to be unique which blends ideally with the Alpine landscapes which is around the Albuna and Bernina Passes. The Bernian Express ride in Switzerland passes by negotiating around 55 tunnels along with 196 bridges and also the inclines which is up-to 70 per mile with ease. The Bernina Express ride in Switzerland has the highest point found on Rhb above 2,253 meters above sea level and can find the Ospizio Bernina. The highest point along with many other in the way has many natural surroundings where one can enjoy the Alps which makes it most impressive and the railway line is from Thusis to Valposchiavo with Tirano making it listed under UNESCO World Heritage site.

The Bernina Express is operated by Rhaetian railway company for the purpose of sightseeing as the train has panoramic coaches with enlarged windows and multi-lingual auto-guide on board who speaks English-Italian and German. The Bernina Express ride in Switzerland gives the sense of being a high-speed train and in this the passengers must make one of the seat reservation which one gets directly by purchasing the tickets. The Albula line got constructed between 1898 and 1904 and the Bernina line was built between 1908 and 1910 which operated independently till 1940's and further acquired by Rhaetian Railway after inauguration. The summer has the Bernina express traveling from Chur to Potresina with few stops to Tirano and during winter or fall it goes through Chur to Samedan.

Any season can be very enjoyable to get a ride at Bernina Switzerland if the sky is clear which makes feel that the Alps is heavily tilting towards you. The landscape in Switzerland is covered with thick layers of Snow during mid-December to March and in Summer during July to September the flowers and the Mediterranean atmosphere could be found in the entire region. The Poschiavo valley is very attractive and the Bernina express in Switzerland takes to the beautiful and scenic ways with the value added services of InfoT(r)ainment system with free wi-fi and works within coaches as well as in the bus.

The open air car is also an option but one has to wear warm jackets as the weather is certainly cold and certain coaches operate in Bernina Express ride in Switzerland within Summer time making the cars ideal for photography. The Bernina Panorama Winter also have cars attached during winter with translucent roof tops which gives a clear view of the scenic surroundings and one could get a seat in such coaches by paying some extra amount and thus make your journey memorable.


Best Season to Enjoyment

Spring Season in Switzerland: March, April & May

Summer Season in Switzerland: June, July & August

Autumns Season in Switzerland: September & October

Winter Season in Switzerland: November, December, January & Febrary