Auer Chocolatier Shopping Market in Geneva, Switzerland

Auer Chocolatier Shopping Market in Geneva, Switzerland

The AUER Chocolatier SA Grocery store in Geneva is known for it's sky high reputation and is well known for the confectionery items and that also home made brands which is available on the shores. The Swiss Chocolates is not made by the multinational manufacturers but as said it is by the dozens of small individual boutique which is by the artisan shops around the country. The nature of the chocolate which is made outside the country cannot match with the Swiss Chocolates and it is sold anywhere outside the country these days by exports. The Swiss chocolate makers are known to be carrying with the highest of the reputation and it is hard to live up to this by any other country.

The Auer Chocolatier SA Grocery store in Geneva is known to sell smooth and the delicious confectionery which got invented in Switzerland. The Hot beverages are also made out of chocolates and are sold at this store and the manufacturing process is also known to produce cocoa along with sugar particles which is smaller than tongue can detect. The Swiss Chocolates is also known to have the uneven and gritty textures at which the world of fine chocolate along with people who like to have Switzerland tour visit this place and while exploring the Swiss Chocolate factories one could find the Auer to be one of the best.

The chocolate industry in Switzerland have the world's highest per capita rate of the chocolate consumption along with highly visible chocolate producing Swiss economy in the world. The "AUER Chocolatier SA Grocery store in Geneva" with people who are passionate about chocolate along with immersing in the World of Swiss Chocolate. The people also organize the Tour De Chocolat and also with the Chocolate and the scenic Alps which is about connecting with each other then certainly chocolate is the best food for helping with the calories and helps with different expeditions while being the recipe for the fun flavored products made out of it.

The Swiss are known to have given immense height to the Swiss chocolate industry and the industry produces 180,000 tons of chocolate per year. The total production in Switzerland is 39% and 61% is sold abroad while the "AUER Chocolatier SA Grocery store in Geneva" and some of the best chocolate at Auer's signature Amandas Princesses are the almonds with the crispy sugary coating. The place is known to sell great pastries and has really tiny tables with limited space making it look cozy and comfortable. The creamy milk chocolates has also the dusting of cocoa powder and is one of the favorite among the children as well as adults. The crunchy almonds are also found to be another well known chocolates by "Auer" which is liked by many and the chocolate store is out of the Six best chocolates in Geneva.

The Auer Chocolatier SA Grocery store in Geneva is known for it's friendly and attentive staff along with having a shop next door for coffee and snacks.

The AUER Chocolatier SA Grocery store in Geneva is found to be an institution in the name of chocolate making and it started in 1939 as a family business. The members of the Auer family were passionate about chocolate making and they have come out with the Auer boutique that has become an inescapable part of Geneva. The members of Auer family have took chocolate craftsmanship in terms of quality to an extent of passion carved out of the authentic flavors which is part of chocolate making. The AUER Chocolatier SA Grocery Store in Geneva has almost all kinds of chocolate whether milk, truffle and many more which is also exported all over the world.


Open Hours:-

9.00 am to 9.00 pm : Monday to Sunday

Location:- Auer Chocolatier, Zeneva City, Switzerland

Open Year:- 1939

Distances from Auer Chocolatier (Geneva):

Geneva City : 1.8 M

Lausanne City : 63.5 KM

Bern City : 157.7 KM

Basel City : 254.5 KM

Zurich City : 277.0 KM

Winterthur City: 297.9 KM

St. Gallen City: 360.3 KM