Alplermagronen Switzerland Food

About Alplermagronen Food: Alpermagronen Swiss food is the Swiss pasta dish which is made by layering of pasta and potatoes with the cheese that is tapped with caramelized onions and is served with applesauce.The food is known to be perfect and is considered as a comfort food when the weather becomes cold.The penne pasta or the macroni can be used to make a favorite shape and is especially loved across all ages while adding the cinnamon apple sauce to the pasta.The potatoes is used as a boil a bit while adding the pasta to get it tender.The casserole dish which the dish has been named because of three layers of pasta along with two layers of cheese.

The Alpermagronen Swiss Food is officially a Swiss dish while it has been a rumour for long that it was the Italian foreign workers who introduced pasta to Switzerland in 1870’s when they were working on Gotthard Tunnel, which is 15 Km and goes straight through Swiss Alps.The making of expensive pasta last longer and while adding the potatoes with cheese and the fried onions along with garlic was further popular with farmers in Alps and people started calling it Alpermagronen which is known as Alpine farmer’s macroni.The food gives comfort to the stomach as many a times the food which full the stomach is considered far more comfortable.

How to make AlplerMagronen which is Swiss Alpine Macaroni:

. Course: Main

. Cuisine: Swiss

. Key Ingredients: Alpermagronen, Macaroni, Noodle, Pasta

. Preparation time: 15 Minutes

. Cooking time: 25 Minutes

. Servings: 4-6 Servings


. 4 tablespoons butter

. 2 Large Onions which is thnly sliced

. 2 Medium or large potatoes which is peeled and cut into 1/2-1 inch cubes

. 1 Pound Dried Penne

. 1/2 Cup Cream

. Salt and pepper according to taste

. 1 Cup shredded Gruyere or Emmentaler Cheese

. Applesauce for serving


. Preheat the oven upto 375 degrees and then lightly grease the large casserole dish.

. Bring the large frying pan and then melt butter over the medium with low heat.Also, the onions which is used in Alpermagronen Swiss food is further cooked until it becomes brown.

. Once the water boils with cubbed potatoes and then it is further softened for 5 minutes while adding penne pasta.Cooking and stirring occasionally the potatoes get tender and the pasta just becomes tender for 7 minutes.Drain the water from potatoes and gently rinse it with cold water.

. Put the potatoes in a small bowl and then add season cream along with salt and pepper.

. Adding 1/3 of penne and potatoes to the bottom of prepared dish while cover it with 1/2 of the grated cheese and then put the remaining penne and potatoes into one.Also, pour the cream over the layers while putting cover over caramalized onions.

. Cover and bake in the preheated oven until it gets heated while the cheese gets melted and then stir it to 10-15 minutes.

. Serve it hot by pouring apple sauce over it.

Many people have great memories of the Alplermagronen Swiss food and it is nothing better than eating the Swiss dish which is easy to prepare and can be seasoned with mixed fruit along with salty dishes.