Albula Bernina Railway Line Tour, Switzerland

Albula Bernina Railway Line Tour, Switzerland

About Albula Bernina Railway, Switzerland: Albula Bernina Railway line Switzerland is one of the single metre track metre gauge railway line which forms part of the so-called network of the well-known Rhaetian Railway. The railway line is a part of Canton of Graubunden, Switzerland and it is also a part of the construction of the Albula Railway line which began in September 1898. The Albula Railway and the Bernina Railway is listed under UNESCO World Heritage Site and is known for the best known trains which operates on the Albula Railway also termed as Glacier Express and Bernina Express and has very scenic rail route with the engine chugging by the name of Rhaetian Crocodile.

How can Reach : Albula Bernina Railway start from Chur city and end at St. Moritz in the Switzerland country. It is well connected with Zurich, Geneva, Basel and Lausanne cities by road.

"Samedan Airport" is the nearest airport which is situated just 7.3 KM distance from "St. Moritz". Tourists can get here flights to Domestic cities.

Nearest Major Airport: "Samedan Airport" is a Domestic airport of the Switzerland country which is located just 7.3 KM distance from St. Moritz. Tourists can get here Domestic flights.

Bus Services: Buses services are available from "Samedan Airport" (7.3 KM) to St. Moritz tour.

Taxi Services: Taxis services are available from "Samedan Airport" (7.3 KM) to St. Moritz tour.

Locations: Chur, Switzerland

Opened Year: July 1904

Nunber of stations: 12

Total Length: 61.67 KM

Number of tracks: Single track

Track gauge: 1 metres

Highest Elevation: 1815 metres

UNESCO World Heritage Site from: 2008

Starting Station: Chur

Ending Station: St. Moritz

Summer Season : June to August

Winter Season : November to February

Tourist Attractions in St. Moritz: Leaning tower, Heidi hut, Chesa Futura, St. Moritz 5-star hotels, Cresta Run, Segantini Museum, Chesa Veglia, Chesa Veglia, The St. Moritz “Trambankli”, Bahnmuseum Albula, Schlittelbahn Preda Bergun

Things to Do in St. Moritz: Skiing and snowboarding, Ice-skating in summer, Walking and hiking, Mountain biking

St. Moritz Weather Temperature:

Months Temp. Jan Feb March April May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
Average Low (℃) -12.4 -12.7 -8.4 -3.7 -1.2 4.2 6.6 6.4 3.4 -0.3 -5.4 -9.3
Average High (℃) -0.1 1.0 3.6 5.8 10.8 14.6 17.5 17.0 13.4 9.5 4.0 0.4

Nearest Accommodations: Schweizerhof Hotel, Petit Steffani Hotel, Badrutt's Palace Hotel, Le Restaurant Hotel, Hotel Hauser, Crystal Hotel, Arte Hotel, Languard Hotel, Kulm Hotel St. Moritz, Hotel Palazzo Mysanus, Hotel Bernina , Bever Lodge AG Hotel, Weisses Kreuz Hotel, Laagers Hotel Garni, Hotel Weisses Kreuz, Hotel Garni Albula, Hotel Ladina, Hauser Hotel, St. Moritzerhof Hotel, Valentin Hotel, Ferienhaus der Stadt Lenzburg Hotel, Padella Hotel, Central Hotel, Gasthaus Spinas Hotel, Hotel Preda Kulm, Gasthaus Sonnenhof Preda, Appartementhaus Darlux Hotel, C. Cloetta, Hotel Garni Bellaval.

Distances from St. Moritz :

St. Gallen City: 186.1 KM

Zurich City: 202.0 KM

Basel City: 289.8 KM

Bern City: 326.2 KM

Lucerne City: 225.1 KM

Winterthur City: 203.5 KM

Geneva City: 478.9 KM

Lausanne City: 423.9 KM